Terms & Conditions


1.     Registration

  1. All parents / carers must complete our Registration Form before a child can attend The Hive. Registration must be done directly on our website https://st-lawrence.childcare-online-booking.co.uk/ .
  2. The Hive must be notified of any changes in Registration details, as soon as possible, in writing by the parent / carer.


2.     Booking Sessions

  1. All sessions requested by parents / carers are subject to availability.
  2. All sessions booked must be paid for in advance.
  3. No parent / carer should consider a booking as being accepted until payment has been received by the Club.
  4. Bookings may be made up to 7pm the day before the start of a Breakfast Club session, and up to 2pm on the day for an After School session. Children will not be able to be booked in after that time.
  5. Parents / carers of children not booked into the After-School Club, but who subsequently attend, will incur a £5.00 non-booking fee per child, in addition to the cost of the session.
  6. School children who remain at the school uncollected after 4.00pm will be admitted into the After-School Club, whilst their parents are contacted to collect them. The parent / carer will incur a £5.00 non-booking fee per child in addition to the session charge.
  7. Bookings may be cancelled or changed up to 7pm the day before the start of the session – changes may not occur after this time.
  8. The Hive will credit all fees charged, if the club is forced to close due to unforeseen circumstances.


3.     Cancelling Sessions

  1. Parents can cancel or change bookings (subject to availability) up until 7pm 14 days before the session.


4.     Responsibility for attendance

  1. It is the parent / carer’s responsibility to ensure that their child / children arrive, on time, to Breakfast Club. All children must be signed in by their parent / carer.
  2. It is the parent / carer’s responsibility to ensure that their child / children are aware that they will be attending any After-School Club.
  3. After school, children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 due to attend after school club will be collected from their classroom by a member of staff from The Hive. 
  4. Children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 are expected to know they are attending after school club and must make their way straight from their classroom to The Hive at the end of the school.
  5. It is the parent / carer’s responsibility to notify the school if there are late changes made to their child / children’s club attendance on that day.

5.     Non attendance

  1. If your child is booked to attend breakfast and / or after school club but will not be attending, for example due to illness, you must text The Hive staff on 07592 829185 to let them know. It is the responsibility of the parent / carer to notify the school of an absence as normal school policy.
  2. In the event of a child being collected by their parent / carer straight from school instead of them going to a booked session, it is the responsibility of the parent / carer to ensure the child is signed out on The Hive’s register.


6.     Collection

  1. Anyone due to collect your child from The Hive must be entered as an approved collector on the booking system.
  2. If a person collecting your child(ren) is not listed as an approved collector they will not be permitted to take your child.
  3. If an approved collector is not recognized by staff at The Hive they will be asked for photographic ID and/or your password. Failure to meet these requirements will mean that they will not be permitted to take your child.


7.     Penalties for Late Collection

  1. It is the responsibility of all parents / carers collecting children to do so promptly at the end of the session. Failure to do so will expose the parent / carer to the payment of a financial penalty and will constitute a breach of the terms and conditions, entitling The Hive to exclude the child from subsequent sessions.
  2. There is a penalty charge of £5.00 for every five minutes (or part thereof) for each child collected after the official closing time of the club which will be applied at the discretion of the Club Leader.
  3. This penalty charge must be paid before any future bookings with The Hive.
  4. Where the penalty is outstanding and further sessions have been pre-booked and paid for by the parent / carer, The Hive reserves the right to exclude the child from the club, until the penalty is paid, without issuing a refund for sessions unattended.


8.     Responsibility for Payment

  1. The responsibility for payment of all fees, charges and penalties lies at all times with the person who has made the booking.
  2. Failure by The Hive to make a written or verbal request for payment of fees does not constitute an excuse or reason for late, or non-payment under any circumstances.
  3. Failure to settle all fees and/or penalties when due may result in the clubs taking action (including legal action) to recover any outstanding sums.


9.     Childcare Vouchers

  1. Childcare Vouchers will be credited to individual accounts only when the funds have been received by the school. Please note that many Childcare Voucher Providers take up to 7 days to allocate these funds to the school, therefore you must allow 14 Days for this credit to be transferred across to your account.
  2. The school will credit Childcare Vouchers of £100 and over, free of charge. Childcare Voucher transfers under the value of £100 will incur an administration charge of £10 per payment.
  3. The school is registered with a number of Childcare Voucher Providers - a list is available on The Hive’s’s website.
  4. If you intend to use a Childcare Voucher Provider, which is not currently registered with the school, please email The Hive with the Provider’s information in order for the school to register. Bookings will need to be paid for by card until this registration process is complete.


10.        Grounds for Exclusion

  1. Any child who has suffered from diarrhoea, sickness, high temperature/fever, conjunctivitis or any contagious disease must be kept away from the Club for a period of 48 hours after such condition has ceased.
  2. Should any child suffer from any of the above whilst at the Club, the staff will contact the parent / carer and ask them to collect the child as soon as possible.
  3. Other grounds for exclusion are persistent poor behaviour on the part of the child or the parent / carer, (which includes, but is not limited to, bullying, verbal abuse, physical violence, fighting, racial incidents, defiance, rudeness to others, dishonesty, disobedience and deliberate damage to property), or non-persistent incidents of particularly serious behaviour (for example those which endanger children or staff) or where a parent / carer is in breach of any of our terms and conditions.
  4. Refunds will not be made if children are excluded on the grounds set out above.


11.        Reservation of Rights

  1. The Hive reserves the right to exclude a child or family from attending the Club or to refuse to accept a registration at its sole discretion.
  2. The Hive reserves the right to close the club on the grounds of staff shortage, unavailability of facilities, or for any other reason, which in its reasonable opinion necessitates closure. Reasonable notice will be given where possible.
  3. The Hive reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.


12.        Legal: Waivers, Exclusions and Jurisdiction

  1. No failure or delay by The Hive in exercising any of its rights or remedies shall prejudice or affect its ability to do so unless it has provided a specific waiver or release in writing.
  2. These terms and conditions are governed by English law and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
  3. The Hive shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss suffered by parents / carers as a result of club closures under the terms of the agreement, including but not limited to loss of profits, increased costs or expenses or wasted expenditure.
  4. The Hive accepts no liability for the administration of medicine in accordance with parents / carers written instructions. Medicines will not be administered in the absence of written instructions.
  5. In accordance with The Hive’s Health Policy, The Hive accepts only medication which is prescribed, in original packaging including the pharmacy label which indicates the child’s name.
  6. The Hive accepts no liability for loss or damage (including consequential loss) to property brought to club premises caused by the actions of children or third parties or for accidental damage caused by club staff.
  7. The Hive accepts no liability for loss or damage (including consequential loss) to property brought to club premises caused by the actions of children or third parties or for accidental damage caused by club staff.
  8. The Hive accepts no responsibility for injury caused from pre-existing medical conditions which are not notified to the club.


13.        Changes to Terms and Conditions

  1. Parents will be advised of any changes to these Terms and Conditions at least 14 days in advance of any changes being implemented.


V4 Updated 17.09.19