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We hope you have all had a wonderful summer holiday and that the children are looking forward to a busy year with us!

Class teacher (Monday to Wednesday): Mrs Cox

Class teacher (Thursday and Friday): Mrs Ross

Teaching Assistant (all week!): Mrs Clark



We begin Year 6 with our topic of 'The Americas' which links many curriculum areas together: Geography, History, Science, Art and English. We will be learning about the countries in both the North and South American continents with a particular focus on the Amazon Rainforest. 

We are particularly excited about our first class novel, written by one of our favourite authors, Katherine Rundell. 'The Explorer' is about a group of children who crash-land in the Amazon Rainforest and have to find the eponymous explorer to find their way out. 

To introduce the topic, we have arranged an extra-special 'wow' for the children: 'Our Amazing Animal World' will be bringing in exotic animals for the children to see and learn about.

Please see our curriculum plans below for full details of our learning for this term and the rest of the year.


Tuesday 10th September - Topic 'Wow' Our Amazing Animal World

Monday 23rd September - Meet the Headteacher

Wednesday 25th September - 'Meet the Teachers' Meeting - 2.45pm  If you were unable to attend this meeting, the information shared can be found at the bottom of this page. Please take time to have a look as there is important information about applying for secondary school places.

Monday 21st - Friday 25th October - CYE

FRIDAY 21st OCTOBER - Finish for half term


Tuesday 5th November - Children return to school

Please can we remind you to label your child's clothing and equipment so that we know who to give found items to!

If you have any questions or concerns, please come and talk to us. You can make an appointment through the school office, or you could jot a note in your child's homework diary. Please don't come into the classroom before school as this is a very busy time. Thank you.


Very well done to Ryan D for a beautifully drawn map of South America.  You have clearly put a lot of effort and time into this piece of work and have a real talent for sketching. You have also used an atlas to identify the 13 countries. Well done!


 House Captains

Well done to the following students for being voted in as House Captains for the Autumn Term: Matthew and Summer (Yellow); Skye and Cam (Red); Stan and Daisy (Green); and Alix and Sophie (Blue).


School Council

Well done to Stan, Abbey, Ollie and Cameron for being chosen as our class school Council representatives.

We had a fun start to our topic by creating mini rainforests in bottles. We learnt about the different strata in the rainforest and recreated the 4 different layers using a variety of vegetables, herbs and fauna! If you look carefully at Alix's one below you can see the layers clearly,

What an amazing session we had with the exotic animals! Check out the slideshow to see some pictures of us interacting with the creatures...

 Please take a look at the document below for a list of recommended books to read with your child. Sharing books with them is something you can do regularly to support them in their learning. Listen to your child read; read to them. Ask them questions about what they are reading: Do they understand all of the language? Are they following the plot developments? Can they make predictions about the progression of the story? Have they understood what's being inferred by the author?

These books are recommendations only, not compulsory! There are many other wonderful novels and anthologies available to the children. 


 This year we will be studying the following curriculum:

Autumn: we start our adventure with our topic 'The Americas' where we will be exploring the wonders of these 2 continents. Our class novel will be The Explorer.

Spring: our topic is The Circulatory and Healthy Lifestyles. We will study these areas of the human body through both our Science and English curriculums, using Malorie Blackman's fantastic novel Pig Heart Boy'. We will debate the ethics of organ donation and carry out our on pig heart dissection!


Summer: our topic is The Battle of Britain and World War 2. 

We will also study Electricity, making our own models with working circuits, and Classification. 


 Weekly Diary:


Spelling Homework given

Spelling Test

SPAG homework

Mathletics/TT Rockstars homework set



Outdoor Games


 Autumn 1 - Swimming


Indoor PE

Weekend reading

Additional, optional homework:

If your children are particularly enjoying their learning at school and would like to extend their understanding, see below for a selection of optional activities they make choose to do:

If you were unable to attend the 'Meet the Teachers' afternoon, the information is shared here with you on the following slideshow. Please take time to read it as there is important information about the secondary school application process.