Year 5 Trip to Sayers Croft

We left school early Monday morning, bags bursting at the seams with our wellie boots, pyjamas and warm clothes. The journey to Sayers Croft, a historic camp for children evacuated from the city during World War 2, took under an hour through the winding streets of the Surrey hills. We arrived at Sayers croft shortly before noon, decantered the coach of our belongings, and headed for our home for the next few days, Rudgwick dormitory.

"I felt so jolly and just couldn't wait to get started with the activities" Kiera

“When I arrived at Sayers Croft I felt so lucky because I thought this would be the best trip ever!”

After being greeted by our guide, Zoe, and a hearty lunch of jacket potatoes with lots of choice of toppings, we were split into two teams and sent on our way to start the afternoon's activities; the compass trail in the Sayers Croft woods and orienteering.

“I liked doing the task in the woods because it taught us how to use a compass” Callum

“The activities were really educational and fun because we got to work with a partner” Lucy

After dinner of shepherds pie of which many of the children went up for seconds, we allowed the children some free time to play on the big field with their friends, before winding down for the evening with a biscuit and a hot chocolate. The children were understandably very excited so we allowed them to enjoy some sociable time in the dormitories before lights out.

“I like all the space we had to run around in. There are lots of vast spaces of land.” Jess

“I liked the food it was delicious and the dormitories were nice and tidy with comfy beds” Amelia

The next morning we were up early for breakfast at 8:15, which was a choice of a cooked breakfast, toast and cereal. We then set off in our two teams; one group attempted the team challenge course which required the children to show good team work and communication skills and the other to work in small groups of three or four to build shelters in the woods before swapping halfway through the morning. Shelters were were tested to ensure they were wind proof, waterproof and ‘bear proof’ which required some dressing up as some very scary grizzly bears by some of the teachers to see if they could get inside!

After lunch, the two teams got stuck into rock climbing and rope course in the trees with harnesses, which was many of the children’s trip highlight with an incredibly fun ‘Tarzan Swing’ into a large net! It was great to see the children being so supportive of each other on these challenges, praising those who did well, and encouraging and helping those who were slightly nervous.

“Today I learnt how to rock climb on a big rock climbing wall. I also had lots of fun on the rope course.” Dylan

“I got to try things I have tried before” Elishka

That evening, we sat around a bonfire on the edge of the Sayers Croft woods, sang some of our favourite songs and toasted marsh mellows. The children also got the chance to visit the tuck shop where they were able to buy a souvenir of their experience.

On our final morning, split for a final time into our two teams, we embarked on the cave challenge and the blindfold challenge course. The cave challenge consisted of a maze of tunnels which the children had to explore in pairs. Again, it was fantastic to see the support the children provided for each other during this task, pairing those who were more confident, with those who felt like they needed some encouragement.

“I liked the activity instructors like Zoe, they are really nice” Layla

“I saw everyone persevering with the activities and trying their hardest” Callum

Over all, it was a fantastic experience for children and teachers, and was brilliant to see all of the children overcoming their fears, challenging themselves, and developing the vital skills of team work, motivation and perseverance. We were so pleased with how the whole class worked together supporting one another, and can't wait for next year!