The well being of each and every child is paramount in everything we do at St Lawrence.  The school is a happy community where each child feels valued and we endeavour to ensure that they move on to secondary with a secure, confident attitude to life.

The children work in a caring and nurturing environment which treats each child as an individual.  They are encouraged to make successful friendships with their peers and be able to confidently interact with their teachers and other adults in the school community.

We work together in a culture of praise and encouragement, where consideration and kindness to others is valued.  There are of course occasions where friendships are fraught and behaviour is not what we expect, however this is dealt with swiftly through discussion, a lunchtime time-out run by the Senior Leadership Team and system of  minutes off 'Golden Time' at the end of the week if necessary.

We run a house system to encourage friendships across year groups and the school council is always a great source of ideas for making school life run more smoothly. All pupils are able to make suggestions for improvements and the SLT have committed to listening and considering the ideas. A recent example of pupils influencing policy is the change to playground areas for Year 3. Pupils requested to be allowed to use both areas in order to be able to interact with younger siblings. They now are free to go between the two playgrounds on Mondays and Fridays.

Year 6's are also our pupil leaders providing help and guidance across sport, school life and break times.  Our play leaders are great at sorting out minor quarrels in the playground and act as wonderful mentors.

We are a very happy school.