St Lawrence


'Teach children how they should live, and they will remember it all their life.' (Proverbs 22:6)


Please look below at some of the sporting events that the pupils of St Lawrence take part in.  

Inter School Sports

We are a small school but compete with all local schools. Many of these are 2 or 3 form entry. We enjoy doing well but we also enjoy competing and challenging our teams. 

We enter teams in a variety of inter school competitions. These may include:

Small schools football league y5/6 

Danone Cup - Years 5/6 Boys and Years 5/6 Girls 

Woking Football Club y4 tournament and girls y3/4 and y 5/6 tournaments

Netball league y5/6

Netball tournament

Chobham Rugby Tag Rugby Y3/4  Y5/6

Cross Country years 3,4,5 & 6

Tennis Tournament


Rounders Tournament

Multi Skills


Sports Day

Each year we hold a Sports Day on our field. We are very lucky to have such super facilities and our children have the chance to compete in both track and field events watched by parents, carers and friends. We are helped by students from local Secondary Schools .

It is a lovely morning, the Governors sell refreshments and families have the chance to picnic together at lunchtime. 

The Houses compete for the Sports Day trophy. 

The Daily Mile

The Daily Mile was the brainwave of Elaine Wyllie, a headteacher in Stirling Scotland. She introduced it to improve fitness but also to improve children's social, emotional and mental wellbeing.

We decided to trial it from February 2016 and it was received with enthusiasm by children and teachers.

A course was marked out, 5 laps of both playgrounds and swimming pool area or 3.5 laps of the field. Children can run, jog or walk the course and are encouraged to improve on previous times and distances run.

Initially we found it was hard to keep count of the laps so the children collect a cube after each completed lap and once they have 5 cubes they are able to add a tick to their chart.

Each class aims to run at least 3 times a week plus doing a run as part of the games and PE sessions.

We have noticed improved levels of fitness and stamina across the school. Many pupils have joined running groups or Park Run events in the locality.


Each year in the Spring term the 4 Houses play in a sporting competition. KS1 and Reception take part in a Multiskills tournament and KS2 are divided up into teams to play Tag Rugby, Netball, Football and  Pop Lacrosse.

Throughout the year we enjoy using our great facilities; not many small schools have two courts and a huge field to play on, plus an additional playground and mini field.