Class Adventure Sleepover 

The Year 4 Class Adventure took place from Thursday 22nd September – Friday 23rd September, 2016. The intrepid children (and some equally intrepid adults!) camped overnight in the school grounds. For many of the class this was the first night they had stayed away from their parents and carers, and was a real chance to practise those Building Learning Power skills of Interdependence, Collaboration, Empathy and Listening. Some of the highlights are below.

n the morning I walked to the hall and put my bags in there. When I said goodbye to my family I felt happy and excited. After making sandwiches we met the instructors. The instructors were Will, Lee, Steve and Chris. We had to decide a team name for our groups. Chris’s team was Chris’s Crew, Lee’s team was The Ninja Ticks and Steve’s team was Steve’s Stick Snappers. Daisy


The instructors showed us how to put the tents up. You had to be really careful not to get your fingers trapped. I found it really fun. Inside the tents it was warm and cosy. The tents were so orange that when you went inside with another person their face would be a bright orange colour! Once we had finished putting up our tent we moved in all our equipment. Bea


We played lots of different survival games. My favourite was called The Bridge. You had to build a bridge from planks of wood to get across a river to escape from angry villagers. The instructor taught us how to build a bridge in the way the army crosses rivers. Paris


I enjoyed playing a survival game called The Triangle of Life. We stood on three islands and had to get survival equipment to each other. Every group needed a fuel bottle, a food cube and a walkie-talkie. We had to throw rope to each other and slide the equipment along the rope. If you came off your island or the equipment touched the floor, you would be eaten by sharks and the whole team would have to start again! Immy


At 6 o’clock we started to cook our own dinner. My group cooked meat balls. We started by boiling water on a gas hob and then we put pasta in the pan. After a while we put the meatballs to cook. It took 30 minutes to cook our food. The food was very nice, and tasted even better because we had cooked it ourselves. After dinner we had cupcakes. Jamie


Ella and I cooked dinner for our group. We had hot dogs, pasta, cheese and tomato sauce. It was really tasty. I had thirds! Ted


My group had pasta, chicken and sauce. I lit the hob and cut the chicken. When it was cooked, the chicken was nice and soft. The pasta was covered in the sauce, which was a tomato pasta sauce. Delicious! Summer


As evening fell we played a mini-Olympics obstacle course. We put sleeping mats on our arms and ran through hoops. Then we had to put a ball between our knees and wobble to the finish. It was very funny and entertaining watching Mr Clarke do it! Cayden


When it was dark the instructors built a campfire using kindling we had found earlier. It was massive! We were all very tired so we sat around the fire, sang songs and toasted marshmallows on sticks. They got gooey on the inside. Yum! Amber