Cross Country

In March 2016, our cross country team took part in the series of Annual WASPS Cross Country Races at Goldsworth Park, Woking.

The first race is a 1 mile race around the park.  Years 3/4 running an exhibition race and Years 5/6 racing for team points.

The second race is a 1.5 mile race around the park and lake. 

The third race in the series is a relay race comprising five team members.

The results are below:

Short Race

Year 3/4 exhibition race - well done to all our runners - Kiera B, Phoebe L, Ryan D, Cameron L, Cayden B, Sophie D, Ellie B, Keira-Nell M, Bethany B, Paige B, Dylan C.

Particular well done goes to Keira-Nell who was the first girl back and to Keira B who was the third girl back.

Year 5/6 1 mile race - well done to Alice M, Henry L, Rachel H, Tanya B, Freddie S, George P, Lucy B.

Well done to Freddie S who was the first St Lawrence runner back finishing 13th.

Long Race

Well done to our nine runners, Keira-Nell M, Lucy B, Rachel H, Tanya B, Alice M, Freddie S, Henry L, Charles M and Dylan C who all ran amazingly.  There were over 100 runners in the girls race and 180 in the boys so a special mention goes to Keira-Nell who finished 19th and Freddie S who came 18th - our first runners back! 

Intra Class Cross Country March 2016


We were looking forward to this event as we wanted to see how much our pupils had improved from last year. All classes have been trying to run the St Lawrence Daily Mile at least once a week and we have noticed a huge improvement in stamina and running ability.

The Reception class did one whole lap of the school field and it was a really close finish with Finn winning the boys' race and Harper just behind him. Tilly won the girls' race and I think she ran the whole way with a huge smile on her face.

Year 1 ran two laps of the field and this year Alfie came first in the boys' and Eva in the girls' race. Both Alfie and Eva were in the top three last year and have developed speed and stamina.

Year 2 were very excited as there are a number of very good runners in this class. Yet again Phoebe was the first girl over the line and was closely followed by Kiera. Cameron won the boys' race and as always finished with a huge smile despite being chased the whole way round by Ryan D who was hot on Cameron's heels.

Year 3 were initially shocked to hear that they were to run three laps but set off at a cracking pace. The winners this year were James and Immy. Neither had won last year and both finished very strongly looking like they could easily run again.

Year 4 have been the champions of the Daily Mile and were determined to set a good time for their laps. Keira Nell was impossible to beat but the next 4 girls to finish all had improved their times in a bid to catch her. Dylan finished first for the boys.

Year 5 have been showing their sporting ability in a number of teams lately and the winners of their race have both represented the school in at least two sports this year. Holly won the girls' and Riley the boys'. Riley won last year too.

The year 6 race was won by Freddie. He has lead the cross country team in all events and so this was not a surprise but he finished strongly wanting to set a good time. Rachel won the girls' race with a much improved running style and looked like she could go on for much longer.

Well done to everyone- you really deserved the medals and good luck to everyone else - next year it could be you!