Sports Day 2016

After watching weather reports all week, we decided to take a risk and go ahead with Sports Day.  We were rewarded with dry, warm weather until the last of the picnics were packed away at the end when the heavens opened and torrential rain poured down.

First, KS1 did their track events, taking part in sprints, egg and spoon, three-legged, obstacle and sack races.  Every child raced well with smiling faces and real determination.  Children from red, blue, green and yellow house had to work together and a highlight was the team work involved in completing the obstacle race!

Whilst KS1 were running, KS2 did their field events - long jump, standing high jump, howler throw and rounders ball throw.  Every child had two attempts at each event and whilst points were achieved for each house by every child, a special mention should go to the following winners of each event:

KS2 Long Jump - Freddie and Ella

KS2 Standing High Jump - Louie and Chardonnay

KS2 Ball Throw - Henry, Cody, Tanya and Nancy,

KS2 Howler - Henry, Chardonnay and Lucy

After an ice lolly break, KS2 began their track events whilst KS1 moved onto field events.  The degree of competitiveness stepped up a level as our older children started to race but with sack, obstacle and three-legged races still in the programme there was still lots of fun to be had by all.

Well done to the following winners of the KS1 field events.

KS1 Standing Long Jump - Ryan and Keira

KS1 Ball Throw - Cameron and Evelyn

KS1 Target Throw - Cameron and Darcy

Then we all moved around the track to watch the highly competitive 600m race.  Our distance runners were determined and showed real stamina and fitness. The winners of the three distance races were:

Year 3     Owen

Year 4     Keira-Nell

Year 5     Jack

Year 6     Freddie

The winning house was announced..... and it was BLUE HOUSE!!!

We are now looking forward to building on these excellent performances at District Sports in July.