We are very lucky to have our own pool. Every child in the school has swimming lessons; taught by a fully qualified swimming teacher. We run the lessons from September until the October half term and then again from the end of May. Reception pupils do not swim in the Autumn term. Parent volunteers help out, supervising changing and helping on the poolside.

10 staff members have a qualification which allows them to supervise swimming sessions.

The pool is also used for an after school Swim Fun Club on a number of days, for class splash sessions at the end of term and for inter-house swimming competitions.

On Saturday 27th June the St Lawrence Swim Squad took part in the WASPS Annual Swim Gala at Woking Pool in the Park. The gala was a mixture of individual freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke races as well as team relay races.  There was a mixture of nerves and excitement in equal measure at the beginning but once everyone had completed their first race there was much more confidence for the relays. 

We were delighted with every swimmer that competed, impressed with their swimming abilities and proud of their team work as their cheered each other on!  We were particularly thrilled as many swimmers swam up an age group and did strokes that weren't necessarily their favourite!  We can't wait for the inter-house swimming gala now.....

Here are the team's results:

Year 6 Freestyle                              Phoebe S - 2nd                Luke T - 4th

Up to Year 5 Freestyle                    Rachel H - 3rd                 Ewan H - 4th

Year 6 Breaststroke                        Lily C - 3rd                       Henry L - 4th

Up to Year 5 Breaststroke              Lucy B - 3rd                     Adam H - 5th

Year 6 Backstroke                          Sophie-Lily S - 1st            Luke T - 5th

Up to Year 5 Backstroke                Nancy C - 4th                  Ewan H - 4th

Year 4 Freestyle                              Scarlett 4 - 3rd

Year 3 Freestyle                              Scarlett S - 4th

Freestyle Relay                               Sophie-Lily, Adam, Ewan, Phoebe                   4th

Float Relay                                      Scarlett S, Luke P-E, Henry, Annie D                3rd

Girls Medley Relay                          Scarlett D, Lily, Rachel                                      5th

Boys Medley Relay                         Ewan, Adman, Luke P-E                                    4th